A Lover’s Discourse (2010)

Installation, 16mm film projector, turntable, LP record, amp, speakers, rope, found footage, sound 15’H x 5’W x 5’D

Description: 16mm film projector and sound installation with turntable, LP record, amplifier and speakers, black and white image film loop. The projector is hanging by a rope within a foot above turntable. The turntable and projector are connected such that when the turntable spins it spins the projector as well. The projector spins forward and then backward, until it finds its natural angle of repose. Duration is ongoing.

Artist’s Concept: As with all relationships there is give and take, push and pull. You have to give something in order to get something. This installation explores this idea with light and sound in a similar predicament where the spinning turntable activates sound, simultaneously spinning the projector thereby throwing the image out of the viewer’s perception. As the projector finds its natural state of repose, the image comes to rest revealing two lovers in a similar discourse and without a soundtrack to their endless dance. From reckless to dangerous, restful to peaceful, forceful to limitless, heaviness to weightless, hateful to love, the manic to the calm, chorus, repeat.

Variations: Installation / Single-Channel Video / Single-Channel Film / Mixed Media film on wood