Hot & Cold

HOT & COLD is and has been more than a zine. Collected in full by the NY MoMA and exhibited at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, HOT & COLD is a deeply layered, dynamic collaboration that encompasses an eclectic community of multi-disciplinary artists.  The project is part book, part artwork, part fluxus project, part exhibition and part creative adventure. Seven years ago, HOT & COLD was conceptualized by two talented young artists, Chris Duncan and Griffin McPartland, both based in Oakland, CA. Duncan and McPartland set out to make a collaborative zine that embraced their various disparate interests and what started out as a gathering of ideas transformed over time into a wildly popular production. The final issue, #1, will be released at Baer Ridgway Exhibitions on September 11th, 2009 - exactly 7 years to the date of the inaugural issue.

Starting with issue #10, the issues of HOT & COLD count down to #1 with contributions from hundreds of distinctive artists over the last seven years. HOT & COLD is made in an edition of 150 and is hand-built, silk screened, sewed, stitched, stickered, stenciled, photocopied, color-copied and any number of other treatments.  Issue #1 will include two 7 inch vinyl records, with music from Tommy Guerrero, Soft Circle, Urxed, and Namesake. A DVD of video and music from the Miami based duo the TM Sisters will also accompany small zines from artists Ryan Wallace and Griffin McPartland.  HOT & COLD #1 will compile a variety of artist's works, including a pull out poster from Reed Anderson, hand made original works from Daniel Tierney and Monica Analando as well as a postcard sized screen print by Will Yackulic.

The last issue of HOT & COLD was made possible by Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure Grant.

Issue 10:

Published 2002. Made in an edition of 100. Silkscreened cover. 42 pages. Stenciled and photocopied pages. Came with button, sticker and prints by Dustin Wenngreen and Griffin McPartland. Artists include: Chris Duncan. Griffin McPartland, Jason Mcafee, Jeremy Weiss, Vic Blue, Paul Urich, Derek Snodgrass, Shay Nowich and Alex Kopps

Issue 9:

Published 2003. Made in edition of 100. Silkscreened cover designed by Ian Lynam. 56 pages. Photocopied, stenciled and color copied pages. Came with inserts by Griffin McPartland, Chris Duncan, Mat O'Brien and David Benzler. Artists include: David Benzler, Vic Blue, Tiffany Bozic, Kris Chau, Chris Duncan, Mik Gaspay, Mike Giant, Bob Kronbauer, Ian Lynam, Chris McNally, Griffin McPartland, Craig Metzger, Mat O'Brien, Chris Pew, Aki Raymer, Kelly Tunstall, Paul Urich and Chris Wright.


Issue 8:

Published 2004. Made in edition of 150. Silkscreened cover designed by Griffin McPartland. 10 covers had spray-paint and silkscreened elements. 76 pages. Silkscreened poster insert by Anthony Skirvin. Photocopied and stenciled pages. Came with inserts by: Dominic East (our lady of the highway cd), Pete Glover (print), Griffin McPartland (book), Andrew Scott (sob story zine), Blakely Dadson (sticker), Anthony Skirvin (sticker), Nat Swope (print). artists include: Vic Blue, Lori D, Blakely Dadson, Chris Duncan, Dominic East, Jeremy Fish, Pete Glover, Caitlin Kuhwald, Griffin McPartland, Kyle Ranson, Moses Saarni, Tucker Schwarz, Andrew Scott, Michael Sieben, Anthony Skirvin, Nat Swope, Silver Warner and Jennifer Wofford.


Issue 7:


Published 2004. made in edition of 150. silkscreened cover designed and printed by Tim Gough. 80 pages. silkscreened pages by Courtney Dailey and Thom Lessner. original page by Brion Nudah Rosch, photocopied pages. Inserts by: Vic Blue(photo), Allyson Mellberg and Jeremy Taylor (print), Jake Watling (zine), Namesake(cd), Griffin McPartland (zine and print) john Darnelle(poster). Artists include: Tauba Auerbach, Vic Blue, Dustin Wenngreen, Courtney Dailey, Chris Duncan, David Franklin, Jim Gaylord, Tim Gough, Thom Lessner, Lump Lipshitz, Ian lynam, Griffin McPartland, Allyson Mellberg, Namesake, Chrissy Piper, Brion Nudah Rosch, Jeremy Taylor, Tim Warner and Jake Watling


Issue 6:

Published in 2004. Made in edition of 150. Silkscreened cover designed by Duncan and McPartland. 60 pages. Original page by Rebecca Miller. original page by Paul Schiek, original page by Tom Vadakan, patch by Jen Smith. inserts by: Crust and Dirt(postcards), David D'Andrea(print), Chris Duncan(print), Nick Neubeck(print), Chris Pew(calender), Mary Joy Scott(print), Poketo/Hot and Cold collaborative wallet, Derek Snodgrass(stickers). Artists include: Chris Duncan, Mary joy Scott, Paul Schiek, Jen Smith, Eamon Ore-Giron, Griffin McPartland, Brett Chritchlow, Rebecca Miller, Crust and Dirt, Derrick Snodgrass, Nick Neubeck, Isaac McKay Randozzi, David D'Andrea, Tom Vadakan.


Issue 5:


Published in 2005. made in edition of 150. 90 pages. silkscreened cover designed by will Yackulic. original page by Judd vetrone, Andy Jenkins, Griffin McPartland and Sarah Grierson. Color pages by Ida Pearle. Photocopied and stenciled pages. Inserts by: Celeste Cooper (cookbook), Chris Pew(sticker), David Benzler (envelopes), Deuce Huslaz(cd), Souther Salazar(print), Chris Duncan(sticker and print), Claire and Jeremy Weiss (zine), Griffin McPartland(button). Artist include: Amanda Eicher, Dustin Wenngreen, Alena Rudolph, Judd Vetrone, Charles Calahan, Ida Pearle, Maya Hayuk, Jovi Schnell, Mat Obrien, Griffin McPartland, Sarah Grierson, Sacha Eckes, Chris Pew, Rita Badalamenti, Will Yackulic, Jeremy and Claire Weiss.


Issue 4:


Published 2005. made in edition of 150. triple exposure photograph and sewn paper cover by Vic Blue. 86 pages. original woodblocked pages and envelope by Nathalie Roland. original silkscreened pages by Alicia McCarthy and Sahar Khoury. inserts by: Chris Wright(zine), Lori d.(dvd), Andrew Dudek(cd), Griffin McPartland(zine), Joseph Hart(sticker). Artists include: Nathalie Roland, Sarah Smith, Robert Gutierrez, Ryan Wallace, Griffin McPartland, Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, Alicia McCarthy, Sahar Khoury, Joseph Hart, Lisa Sussman and Lori D


Issue 3:


Published 2007. made in edition of 150. Silk-screened and stenciled cover designed by Chris Duncan. 84 pages(offset printed). original page by veronica Dejesus. inserts by: Maya Hayuk(envelope), Chris Duncan(button and sticker), Aya-Mei Duncan(drawing), Max Hubenthal(zine), Griffin McPartland (avocado), Suro (cd). Artists include: Carson Ellis, Claire and Jeremy Weiss, Keith Shore, Scott Hug, Max Hubenthal, Nancy Chan, Veronica DeJesus, Paul Urich, Jessie Rose Valla, Joe Brook, Carolyn Ryder Cooley, Kevin Hooyman, Maya hayuk, and Mike Pare


Issue 2:


Published 2008. Made in edition of 150. Silkscreened cover designed and printed by Glenn Baldridge. 96 pages(offset printed and color pages). Original pages by Andy Vogt, Paul Schiek and Jen Smith. Inserts by: Tucker Nichols (prints), the Golden Bears (cd), Amanda Eicher (cd), Chris Taggart (miniature sculpture edition), Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough (oprah winfrey) and Ryan Jacob Smith (prints). Artists include: Griffin McPartland, Jason Jagel, Jen Smith, Tucker Nichols, Butt Johnson, Chris Duncan, Paul Schiek, Paul Wackers, William Swanson, Chris Corales, Jeremy and Claire Weiss, Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Bill Dunlap, Juliana Bright, the Golden Bears, Amanda Eicher, Colter Jacobsen, Glen Baldridge, Ernesto Burgos, Chris Pew, Chris Taggart, Andy Vogt, Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, Ryan Jacob Smith. Issue 0 (extended writings on Hot and Cold) also included.


Issue 1:


Published 2009. Made in edition of 150. Silkscreened cover designed by Chris Duncan. 170 pages. Offset printed and color printed. Original pages by: Monica Canilao, Daniel Tierney. Inserts by: TM Sisters, Griffin McPartland, Will Yackulic, Ryan Wallace, Brion Nuda Rosch, Amy Francheschini and Wilson Diaz, Mat O'Brien, Cynthia Connolly, The Urxed, Soft Circle, Namesake, Tommy Guerrero, Reed Anderson and David Wilson. Artists include: Heidi Anderson, Reed Anderson, Michael Arcega, Michelle Blade, Monica Canilao, Tammy Rae Carland, Cynthia Connolly, Wilson Diaz, ChrisDuncan, Amy Francheschini, Edie Fake, Kathleen Henderson, Rich Jacobs, Xylor Jane, Reuben Lorch-Miller, Mads Lynnerup, Griffin McPartland, Mat O'Brien, Jay Nelson, Brion Nuda Rosch, Daniel Tierney, TM Sisters, Ryan Wallace, Lindsey White, David Wilson, Will Yackulic. Issue 0 (extended writings on Hot and Cold) also included