Traveling Through Darkness: Some Sense of the World Turned on When Flaneur and Collector Meet for the Second Time, 2010
Flashlights, wax, boxes, poplar wood
90 x 90 inches

Working in minimally visible photographs, mixed-media constructions and sculptural installations, artist Rebecca Goldfarb's highly conceptual undertakings rely on language, humor and plays of perception to draw our attention to their relevance to a larger network of forces. In Goldfarb's own words, her productions exists at the nexus of “language, thought, memory, and sense.” Often extending beyond two-dimensional space, and always beyond two-dimensional thought, the artist's work playfully comments on tricks of perception and poetically imbues otherwise banal objects with added meaning.

Rebecca Goldfarb received her BA in Art and Environmental Studies from Pitzer College in 1996 and her MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2004. Goldfarb has recently been granted a residency at Kala Art Institute and recognized as a finalist for awards by Artadia and James D. Phelan. Her work has been exhibited at various galleries and venues, including Todd Hosfelt Gallery, Steven Wolf Fine Arts, Lincart and Queens Nails Annex, among others.