27769408 (tape, paint, plaster wall), 2008
94 x 76 x 27 inches

Zachary Royer Scholz makes artworks informed by the objects, sites, and cultural structures that they employ.  Working collaboratively with pre-existing elements, Scholz investigates their contextual situations and uses what he discovers to reshape them.  Scholz alters and remakes, not simply to create new things, but to reveal the reciprocal flows through which we shape the world and the world shapes us. Individual pieces not only embody particular liminal states, but—like sticks in a stream—reveal otherwise unseen forces.  Scholz’s suspended, contingent fields of meaning are authored as much by viewers as by his subjective intentions. Each artwork adds to every other and to the space of understanding draped between them: act-to-act, idea-to-idea.  Together they form a complex constellation of relationships that exhibits diffuse rather than linear logic.  Working in this way reflects Scholz’s belief that nothing is permanent or discreet, and that with everything connected to everything else, we can only ever create temporary, situational structures that erode and re-form endlessly.